Virus Removal

computer-virus-removal_1vu4zug8While the internet can be a very dangerous place, at PC Paramedix, our goal is to ensure that all of our clients can use this amazing tool with absolute confidence. That's why we offer only the most proven and effective anti-virus products and solutions in the industry. From browsing to banking, we make your internet experience safe and secure. We also offer parental control solutions and services for those who have fallen victim to malicious hackers.

No matter the infection, we are relentless in our pursuit to repair and correct the security flaws that unfortunately may be prevalent in your operating system. Our first line of offense against dangerous virus and persistent infections includes an extensive offline hard drive scan and stability check. This ensures that all of the malicious software is thoroughly and effectively removed from your computer.

The second phase of our virus removal goes beyond just removing the offending files, it involves a complete and thorough tuneup and repair just $125.00. After fully updating your operating system, we provide a 30 day guarantee that your operating system will run smooth and trouble free.

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