Tablet/Phone Repair

cracked_ipod_touchHas the touch screen of your tablet or smartphone become damaged and unable to detect your gestures? Have you had an unfortunate accident that cracked the screen or case of your device? We can help.

We offer both digitizer and complete screen replacements for most tablets and smartphones as well as data backup and software services. Don't pay the hundreds of dollars to replace your device and take the chance of losing all your data until you come see us first.

ipad-mini-repairThe glass digitizer is the outer layer of your device that sits on top of the LCD/LED screen. The purpose of the digitizer is to translate movements/taps from your fingers into executable computer commands. When this glass gets cracked or damaged, then your device will not be able to accurately detect/translate your finger swipes and taps on the screen. If this is the only part you need repaired, then we can replace it for as little as $79, for a small mobile device, like iPods or most smartphones and $129 for larger devices like iPads and tablets.

If the damage has affected the LCD display that is beneath the digitizer layer, then both parts need to be replaced for an average of $129 for small screens and $169 for larger screens.

Iphone Repair

Ipad Repair

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