System Restoration

043Sometimes a virus can do enough damage to your computer's operating system that it just cannot be repaired. Other times, you just want to get back that brand new feeling or maybe you are planning to sell or give away your computer but want to make sure that your personal data doesn't fall into the hands of someone else.

No matter the case a full system restoration can make all the difference in your PC's performance and is the ultimate way to insure the safety and security of your personal data. At PC Paramedix we go well beyond just using factory restore disks, which are out of date by the time a computer ships to you. We have a customized installation process to insure that your computer is returned to, what might be, a better than factory new condition.

We begin by making a complete copy of the contents of your hard drive. We then proceed to collect license keys needed to restore your major programs and update the computer BIOS to the latest version. Only then do we wipe the data from your hard drive and begin the installation of the base operating system.

Necessary updates to the operating system are then installed, including any service packs and all the latest drivers for your hardware. We also install an office suite, important utilities for viewing online documents like PDF files, as well as media codecs and players to insure that you are able to enjoy all that the computing world has to offer.

Our final steps are to scan your data for viruses, restore your personal files and data along with any personal programs and settings as needed or requested, insure that all necessary software license activations are completed, and create a system restore point. Then we clean the interior and exterior of your computer's case before returning it to you.

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