Data Recovery and Storage

Group2_500At PC Paramedix, we offer a variety of
secure backup and restoration services. Because everyone has precious data on their
computers, that is irreplaceable, the advantages of having backup copies of your data and/or software are numerous. From music and family photos to crucial business
documents, we have a solution to meet your needs!

PC Paramedix encourages customers to have redundant backups of their important data. Time and again we have seen customers who postpone this essential task, with disastrous results. But this does not have to happen to you. No price can be put on keeping family photos and other precious data safe. It’s far less costly to safeguard your data before disaster strikes than after.

Backup Solutions

Choose from either local backup devices/solutions or secure cloud-based storage solutions.

Local backups can be as simple as using an external hard drive to using an internal network based backup device. For more reliable backup scenarios, we recommend using an online solution.

Our hosted offsite solutions use up to 256 bit SSL encryption to ensure that your data is safe from your PC to the secure server. In turn these servers also keep additional backups of your backups ensuring that, short of Armageddon, your data will be safe!

System Restoration and Data Protection

When your computer system needs a complete restoration, we begin by performing a complete backup of the entire hard drive which allows us to have the ability to go back and retrieve any needed documents or data, ensuring that your precious data is always safe from the beginning of the process to it’s completion and an additional 30 days thereafter.

At anytime during this process we are able to provide a complete copy of your personal data, including but not limited to: Photos, Documents, Music, Internet Favorites and more. This data is then scanned with several enterprise class anti-virus programs before it is restored to your newly installed Operating System. So you can rest assured that you will not lose anything when working with one of our technicians.

Data Retrieval and Disaster Recovery

If for some unforeseen reason you should fall victim to a major event that causes a loss of your vital and irreplaceable data, don’t panic! PC Paramedix has successfully recovered lost data from many failed or deleted storage devices. And if for some reason our technicians cannot retrieve your data using Level I or Level II recovery methods, we have partnered with the world’s leading data recovery firm. They are certified by ALL hard drive manufacturers to perform Level III data recovery without voiding your warranty. For more information on this service please contact us.

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